PlayBase Android tablet offers kidfriendly design and durability

first_imgThere have been all kinds of studies about how much kids can benefit from tablet computing, and a number of schools have already begun deploying iPads and other devices to students both young and old. But the Karuma PlayBase is clearly angling for a spot in youngsters’ backpacks.The PlayBase isn’t as slim as  the current crop of Android tablets designed for us big folks, but its large buttons and rounded edges are perfectly suited for the tykes. It also features the PlayCover, a  rubberized, built-in stand and screen guard which keeps dirt, liquid, and scratches at bay when the PlayBase is left laying around or crammed into a knapsack.Inside the PlayBase is hardware that puts it in the same ballpark as other low-priced Android tablets (like the Lenovo IdeaPad A1). It’s got a 1.2GHz ARM Coretex A8 processor from RockChip, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, built-in Wi-Fi, 7-inch multitouch display, and a battery estimated to provide 5 hours of normal usage. It’s also encased in metal, as opposed to the plastic backs you’ll find on even some high-end Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab 10.1.While the PlayBase is shipping with custom-themed Android Gingerbread on board, the company anticipates updating to Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future. A direct jump to ICS might make more sense, since it’s due to arrive soon and Google has promised an AOSP release in short order.Karuma’s taking pre-orders in the UK starting on November 15th and the PlayBase sees full retail availability on December 1st — for £170 (about $270). Again, not quite competitive with the $199 Kindle Fire, but it’s available outside the U.S. and you do get that nifty cover.More at PlayBaselast_img read more

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